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Saturday, July 28, 2012

I Must Be Having Fun!

Time is racing along. It seems I am just up and going and it is time to retire again. DA, my grand, has been with me the past two nights. After daycare, we play, have dinner, bathe, read, and get her back to sleep. She is slow to rise in the morning. Today she told me, "I'm not done sleeping, GG." Me, either, but we have to get breakfast and head back to the daycare.

I stopped to talk to my neighbor this morning. They have put their house up for sale. So besides the heat keeping her inside (and me as well) she is not invested in the neighborhood anymore - or so it seems. I do understand. She has packed away her things and works on "curb appeal". Otherwise she wouldn't be out at all.

This morning we talked about children who blame their parents for the state of their lives. While I generally hold that we are each responsible for how we live and the choices we make, there is validity to the experiences we had as children and direct correlation between those events and the beliefs we held about family, choices, society, freedom and love - to name a few.

Some people live in compliance with the values they were taught while others live in opposition. Even where we claim we will never follow a particular pattern of distress, without deep searching and clearing of the hurt we are likely to find ourselves in the very situations we disdain. While I might disagree with the ridiculous choices people make, I understand. I understand how blame is easier than facing the moments when we felt helpless and hopeless as children. Rather than judge, we must offer compassion.

Early evening pollinators

Great buys for DA - 3 pants, 2 tops, 1 dress, and a cover-up $3.50
Ingredients for a Rusty Nail. I have enough!

My day is full!

I found reasonably priced local produce, played the evening at the spray park with my grand. Wandered along the rocky ledges. Watched her dance with joy.

Every day seems to pass so quickly. I occupy a few moments each day with call backs on my job search, or prayers for a job, or a second of angst. Then I acknowledge that I have enough of everything. Why should I feel discouraged?

This is the blessing. Following behind that dancing climbing singing playing child. Following. She happily leads and I watch the path for safety.

Time flies when you're having fun!


  1. Is she still at the daycare that we discussed?

    1. DA started a new daycare which has its own set of issues, but is a great improvement over the last. Child care is a hard job and I think it takes a special personality to be present and attentive to young ones for eight plus hours a day, five days a week.

      We have been together the last two days due to illness, another issue with day cares.


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