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Thursday, August 2, 2012


I'm amazed at the number of calls I get from collection agencies looking for people I know. Amazed. They are generally polite and explain that they have been unsuccessful in contacting the debtor (lendee) and would like me to pass along a message. Hmm.

Okay. I used to explain that I hadn't seen the person lately and was not likely to do so in the near future. Ever persistent, the caller continues to press for me to send a message, make a call, reach out and re-establish connection. Fine. Okay. Sure. Bye.

After enough of these calls, I just agreed, took the information and went on about my day. This morning I asked, "How long ago was my name and number left for reference?"

"About a year ago."

"That's how long it's been since I heard from her."

"You haven't spoken since?"

"Not once."

"Thank you."

Maybe this company won't call back. I have a contact in my phone labeled "Stupid Fuckers." When I get calls I have no intention of answering I assign them to that contact and the calls go directly to voice mail.

What in the world possesses people to list their friends as references and then default on their obligations AND not worry about their friends getting multiple calls? Do they think I don't mind extraneous calls day and evening? Do they somehow believe that I will remain relaxed during the hounding? Wait, maybe they don't care. And why don't companies check out references before they extend credit? Isn't that the point of references/contacts?

On another track, I sat through two interviews in which the interviewers explained that the current employees are immature, have a tendency to not show up and are generally off task during the course of a shift. Why exactly so they get to keep their jobs? Me, I'm still waiting for a call back.

Is it unethical to post a message on a social networking site to get a professional call back? 

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  1. That's what they do with those references?!I've had them call and ask if I know someone. I say, "yeah...." They say thank you and hang up. Now i know they might call back in a few years....

    Can't think of an example of when using social media messages for a job is unethical.


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