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Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Thousand Words ...

Two hats for the babe (JP) and one for DA's doll

DA and JP, who DA treats like a doll

Forever stamps. They print while you wait.

A caterpillar I removed from the fennel. So busy I forgot about these.
DA spent the day practicing to be a mermaid.

Then we baked cookies. They are healthy. And chocolate. And the flat ones have chia seeds.

DA's new hat. Her braids are shaping the first pic, but it smooths out with assistance.
I find I am incredibly exhausted these days. The injury to my foot has taken it toll and even as I am healing, I move so slowly that I feel constantly behind. Then there's the fact that I have been used to all the time in the world to fill with and at my leisure.

Sitting at work I made a list of the events of the last thirty days. I have been busy, busy. I get to feel tired and exhausted. I'm good at giving myself a break even as I am pushing to get things done. I woke up feeling like I could roll back into another eight hours, but after I collected DA so her mom and sister could hang out together we just rocked the world.

DA was not impressed with the caterpillar. They like to eat the "leaves" from the fennel plant. I broke off the stem and put it in a jar for her. She freaked! Good grief. I took it back out to the yard. We were going to visit snakes at the pet store. Another screech. We need more time playing in the earth together. Cooler temperatures will help.

I love taking pictures and DA is a wonderful subject. We cooked and shared sweet potatoes and spinach for dinner, then baked those cookies. They look better than they taste. But they are good for us. We watched a video while I crocheted her new hat. Next she wants a tail. She is a mermaid after all.

Working is kicking my ass. I'm stepping up though. I keep a list of the reasons I show up before me at all times. I even called a repairman to do some work around the house. I was going to write something like you can't buy love, then I remembered I still have to post about my new thingamabob. Oh yeah, I love it!!!

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