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Thursday, August 16, 2012

A New Love

JP and Woman
Tuesday morning at 4 am my phone beeped. I returned the call to my daughter who thought she had hung up before the call rang through. I'm a very light sleeper. She reported her contractions at six minutes a part. I showered, dressed and drove across town.

We watched a bit of TV while the contractions increased. When they reached two minutes and 45 seconds duration, and she could hardly find peace, I suggested we head to the hospital. Just after 7:45 we hit labor and delivery. At 8:05 JP was born. It really was that easy. Woman thought it was effort. It was both.

let's fall
in love
let's turn
all the dirt
in this world
to shiny gold

let's be
a new spring
a love reborn

find our aroma
from the essence
of all who
emit heavenly fragrance

like a fresh tree
bloom and spread
all the blessings
right from inside


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