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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Angst and Ows!

Before we begin, I have another confession. By now you know I have everything I need and in most cases way more than necessary. For a while I had no job, then I had three offers and today I am training for one and working one. I have re-discovered that when I work, I have a tendency to want stuff. The thingy I want now is a techy spiffy. No, I do not need it, but I want is so bad I could almost pee.

However, I have that huge car repair debt to pay off and my current position is temporary, which is why I am training for another - besides the money. While at work I calculate my earning toward the both the pay-off and new purchase. I have counted my chicken before the eggs have even been lain. My right mind has serious discussions with me. I do listen but am an expert of justification and rationalization.

It is at this point that I find myself on my weekly shopping trip. I only need yogurt and eggs, cheese if on sale. Otherwise, I have enough until it is. As a good shopper I always stop by the clearance aisle first. OH Heavens! It is the end of summer and "stuff" is 75% off. "Stuff" we need/want like shovels and bubbles and mermaids. Oh my! Now these prices are near garage sale rate and my grand-daughter will be happy for hours and we don't have any of the items I select. Then I move on to the food section. There are incredible bargains on snack bars and breakfast packs. I'm working some days from 8:30 am - 9 pm, so I am thankful for easy to tote foods. Working has squelched my preparation time. See, justification. The issue is how many I decided to buy. A lot! My rationalization was that I left some behind. It was the best I could do, in the store. When I got home and unpacked them to storage I realized that I had fallen back into my shopping for the long haul patterns.

On the other hand, here's what I found on that same trip. Piss me off!!!!!
Chia seed pricing fiasco!
Since the TV advertising doctor touted chia seeds the prices have skyrocketed. I usually buy my chia seeds on line, but was excited to find them in town for even less. And, when I shared information with people around me there was a resource for them to go to. I even bought small amounts to share with others and get them started. But look up there. Chia seeds went from $5.89/pound (in bulk) to $18.99/pound (fancy package). WTF! Just before this post I checked my online source and they are out of stock. Am I sad...? Thankfully, I have supplies for a while and will wait the fad out.

Finally, after first aid class, walking to my next job, I tripped, flipped, twisted my ankle, and plowed into the concrete drive across the way. Apparently, I was moving too quickly and distracted. I thought I was on task and busting a move. Now I'm busted up, dragging my left leg along behind. Ow!

As always, we are looking on the bright side. Injured means I will delay part of the training for my other job, giving me more time to adjust to working 36 hours before bumping it to 80 a week. Yeah, that was the plan. And soon. Zero to eighty in one month. I am prone to extremes.

Today I am resting in moderation.

Update - 08.20.12

I've been searching for chia seeds. I eat them daily and am reaching my edge. Currently I am at $8.99/pound but shipping is almost $10. Yes, I can buy other items to spread the cost out, but remember, I don't need that much stuff. So, I checked back at the grocer to see if they restocked. They did, but just look!!!
My current plan is to wait for a few more days. If I don't get a notice that my preferred brand is back in stock, I will go ahead with the above mentioned purchase. While I was there raw walnuts were up two dollars a pound as well. I am thankful there are a few choices left.

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