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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Eat it all. I will!

Today’s journey through the city brought us to an interesting opportunity for exploration of pies. Throughout history food has been cooked and served in a shell. Originally, meats were cooked and stored in a thick and heavy shell for transport on long journeys. The first shells were tough, inches thick, and normally leftover after meals. After having been soaked in meats and sauces they were still eatable and were offered staff, servants and the poor. As time passed shells thinned and became more flakey, pastry-like and of course, delightfully eatable.

Today pies vary as broadly as the imagination. Our stop highlights Mission Pie. Mission Pie is a bakery and café located on a corner in the Mission District of San Francisco. Z and I entered to stand at the end of a long line. Ahead we spied a glass case filled with baked pies below and tarts above. To the left, a long list of the available pies is written in chalk in the pillar and chalkboard. Mission Pies offers fruit, walnut, meat and vegetable pies. There are also Fair Trade Organic Coffees.

Got five buck?

“We opened our pie shop in the Mission District so that a person could get into the conversation for five bucks, not twenty-five.” That conversation is about eating locally and seasonally. Mission Pies supports local businesses for its fruits, vegetables, and grains. When asked why walnut instead of pecan pie, the answer is that California walnuts account for 99% of the commercial U.S. supply and pecans must travel 3000 miles for that pie.

“At Mission Pie, we look for opportunities to exchange resources in ways that are fair and transparent. We think food is truly good when it supports health and justice in our communities and our world.”

For five bucks you can get a piece of fresh pie and a cup of coffee. Mission Pie offers a relaxed space to enjoy a meal, snack, relax in conversation, or gaze out the window enjoying the ever-changing view of the dynamic city corner. As Z and I sat enjoying our Lentil Spinach Tart, we noticed the flower garden planted between the street and sidewalk, and the windows that slide open. The evening light filled the space but it is easy to imagine a mild breeze on a warm day caressing diners as they share thoughts and ideas.

I am more deeply committed to supporting and sharing in my local community.

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