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Saturday, September 8, 2012

At Week's End

Authentically me!
It's been a long week and seems like I just couldn't catch a real break. After all the time invested in my friend's wedding, I collected my grand-daughter for Sunday night through Tuesday morning. We stayed busy and didn't even bake cookies or ferment anything. We did however, make seed bead jewelry and a mermaid tail. You gotta know, mermaids in the house are messy.

On a sad note, my insurance company, of twenty plus years, is pulling out of the state and has sent out non-renewal letters. Therefore,  much of my spare time during the day has gone to searching for new coverage. I found out that I have been woefully under insured on my home and my new policy will be almost twice what I have been paying. I guess I get to recognize I had 19 years of grace. This when the lender was lowering my mortgage payment beginning October. One step forward...

Jobs, jobs, jobs, and just over broke. I am working my call center job and still training for the the direct care position. One more training session next week and I will be able to begin the in-house shadowing. Next, the actual over night hours. But, guess what? I have yet another interview with the state agency that has twice chosen differently. I have decided that perhaps my mission is to interview and show up authentically. I'm no longer interested in working for or with this particular organization. I do like to interview.

Great news! I have a few leads on working at home. I will be checking them out over the next few weeks and will post on my findings. I still owe a post on my new gadget which I am loving, and I have worked up a post on why I am single. Plus, I am thinking around November's novel. This year is zooming along.

See you next week! (Unless I get a burst of energy.)

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