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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Creative Excitement

It's the weekend and DA and I are in full motion.

I gathered some nail polish, glitter glue, yogurt containers and glow sticks

We used the giant coloring book for a protective surface, sort of...

I decided that we would call this cake decorating and the glow sticks are the candles.

Black bean brownies. Recipe at All Acts of Love.

I am actually taking these to work to share. I am so excited. They looks and taste like fudge.

DA has already licked her fingers. Checking for more.
Yesterday we made Chocolate Sweet Potato Cake. Posted under Add-ins. Thankfully my son came along to take some away. It's nice to share.

The baby is asleep, so I've actually had time to investigate formatting my novel for Kindle. Seems I am stealing moments to edit these days. I did hear about a break book I want to read. Check it out - Telegraph Avenue by Michael Chabon. Excellent interview with the author on NPR.

Day is done!

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