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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Like a Good Neighbor...

Due to excessive claims and economic conditions, Millers First Insurance Companies have pulled out of my state. Sadness of sadness!

As a result, I have been searching for new home coverage for the last month. I have talked to a lot of agents, answered lots of questions and learned much more than I knew before. My home and auto policy deductions were $100 and $250. It seems companies these days start home deductions at $1000. Boo!

Miller's set the standard for great coverage and customer service. I switched to Millers when I didn't get a renewal from my last insurance company. That was more than twenty years ago. My agent shined better than any TV commercial actor ever could.

One morning I was driving along the main drag when a red truck pulled out from a side street. Another car swerved to avoid collision with it. Instead, the car plowed into my front end, spun around and hit the passenger side, leaving me twisted and abandoned on the road. I called my agent, Will Cornelison, and he drove out to the accident site. After assessing that the car was not drivable, he drove me to the car rental company and set me up in a vehicle. He called the tow truck and had it carried away for the adjuster. Though shaken and distressed, I continued my day.I have had several accidents since then and while he didn't drive out to rescue me, he was always available to support me through the process. One day her retired and Miller's went to a toll-free customer service. They are just as helpful - understanding and compassionate.

I've chosen a new company. They are WAY more expensive. I have been living by grace at the prices I paid. This agent seems really nice. He looked at me strange when I shared the story above. I have high standards for my insurance company.

I have some issues with the company politics, but I will let go and see how this year goes. I have set a reminder for 08.01.13 to reconsider. Let me say, I hear lots of people do well with online quotes and distance insurance companies, but I am still looking for a personal connection.

Miller's was a fabulous company. They went through some changes before and I hope that during this reorganization they will continue to provide quality insurance coverage and value to their remaining customers.

{Collective *sigh*}

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