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Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Wedding Party

After a summer of drought, Issac brought the rain. Rain, rain, and more rain. So much of a good thing...

Today was the gathering for flower arranging for tomorrow's wedding. It sounded like fun and was a huge push for me to move beyond my home and socialize with new and interesting people. Besides, my friend is getting married. Let's go see...

Fresh picked organic flowers from the farm and neighbors

The table of completed center pieces with an artist still at work.

The musicians and officiates for tomorrow's ceremony

My creation. You're going to see a lot of this as I posit ideas about the arrangement.

Another table of arrangements.
After we finished, we had the flower parade and took photo with our creations

We were given the greenery, clippers, and thousands of flowers to create our master/mistress pieces. There were refreshments available - beer, sparkling water, cheese, hummus, crackers and pita chips. The musicians played as we worked, talked and socialized. It was a fabulous way for family and friends to met and share time and space.

However, because of all the rain, there was even more work to get ready for a farm wedding...
Inside the tent we spread straw to cover the muddy ground. Later we set up the tables. Tomorrow, we will arrive early to hang decorations, set the tables and prepare for guest. I was not actually planning to return before the wedding, but if you had seen the sad look on this guy's face when I said that you would understand why I will.

This is good for me. I am strong, capable, and competent. I may as well get out of bed and go help all the other people who showed up have a fabulous day. They came from Iowa. Me, I'm just thirty minutes down the road.


  1. I like the chilies in the arrangement :). It looks like it was a lovely event.

    1. I have a whole story to tell about the centerpiece. Each flower was chosen with a specific concept or idea in mind. It really was fun.


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